This is the most favorable method of collecting debts with minimal financial losses. Pre-trial recovery will help resolve the problem of debt repayment on mutually beneficial terms for both – the debtor and the creditor. Flexible debt restructuring system (representing a new debt repayment schedule) that we suggest, installment payment option and discounts conditional on full one-off repayment, clarification of the rights and capabilities of debt resolution for the parties along with the choice of the return to the previously agreed payment schedule – all these means represent an effective and powerful leverage over a debtor.

All disputes are resolved by means of negotiations. All terms, referring repayments, penalties, compensations, etc. are fixed in writing.

The advantage of pre-judicial debt collection is a good result in the shortest possible time. With a competent approach, which we guarantee our clients, you can recover debts owed as quickly as possible. It is also a less expensive method compared to others.

Here are the key measures that our qualified specialist apply for pre-trial recovery:

• Collection and analysis of debtor details
• Prior notification about default redemption of liability. It is performed by various means of communication: sms / email – informing, messages through social networks and instant messengers.
• Conducting telephone conversations or personal meetings.
• Financial advising of debtors.
o Supervision of payments.

If the measures that have been taken do not work out or do not work out in a specific situation, we recommend trying of another civil legal relation, which is  enforcement proceedings.