About our company

Debt Collection Center INCASSO

is a specialized collection agency, which provides professional services helping to address problems related to collection of debts from individuals and legal entities in the territory of Ukraine and the countries of the European Union.

Drawing on our extensive experience in debt collection, we focus on three priority activities: collection of debts of microfinance organizations in Europe Poland, Spain) and Ukraine, collection of debts in the sphere of housing and utilities services, as well as providing debt collection services to non-residents in Ukraine and serving the interests of Ukrainian clients abroad.


By the virtue of the experience of our staff in the field of credit and risk management and through the well-developed network of partner offices in European countries, DCC INCASSO takes leading positions not only among the collection agencies of Ukraine, but also among the largest collection agencies of the EU.

DCC INCASSO hires only highly qualified personnel with professional debt collection skills, able to collect debt at all stages of its aging, having experience of legal practice, with law enforcement and security services background in commercial and financial institutions.

Our services have distinctive case-by-case approach and effective results, as well as an impressive experience in solving problematic issues of any complexity, guaranteeing high quality of work and a successful result.

The whole operation process is organized with the account of all possible situations and is aimed to save you from a number of complexities and procedures. We provide a full range of all the necessary measures for the most effective solution of problems in the shortest possible time.

Our services


The procedure of recognition the debtor before the creditor and the liability to return borrowed funds


Enforcement proceedings is one of the main stages in credit debts recovering


Enforcement proceedings is one of the main stages in credit debts recovering

Our main goals:

  • Provide professional services, ensuring a successful result and competitiveness
  • Provide debt collection services in accordance with the world’s highest professional standards within the legal framework of Ukraine
  • Take into account possible specific circumstances of each situation and find the most correct decision, relying on the interests of all sides

Corporate responsibility

  • keep high professional standards
  • provide services of impeccable quality
  • adhere to ethical and moral principals
  • create a positive image of the collection company, by meeting the needs of our clients and the public at large
  • take proactive social position by investing in the future of your country