Enforcement proceedings is one of the main stages in credit debts recovering. This is a procedure for the enforcement of a court decision, which is assigned to the state executive service of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine.

Given the specifics of enforcement proceedings, the collection mechanism can be delayed for an indefinite period.

DCC INCASSO’s aim is supervision and actual enforcement of the executive order in case of debtor’s refusal (or inaction) in fulfilling his obligations imposed by the court.

Collectors will not independently collect the debt. Basing on received documents they will collect information and advise the creditor or bailiffs on legal methods of debt collection, perform findings of debtor’s property to which an enforcement measures can be applied, perform legal checks, assess the risks in recovery.

Facing constraints in judgement delivery, creditors themselves apply directly to us for consultation or escort.

Our collectors have sufficient legal training and possess high-quality information resources that allow them to clarify the procedure of debt recovery to the recoverer or the bailiff.

Our task is to protect the interests of the creditor.