Tracing debtor who avoids debt repayment or meeting with creditor or his representatives by changing and hiding his place of stay or property at his disposal is another specific measure used by our company when recovering debts.

DCC INCASSO uses modern and innovative methods to promptly search for complete information about debtors. A professional tracing and the availability of a modern facilities will help not only to reveal the debtor’s location, but also find his property, accounts and sources of income.

All our actions are aimed at helping the client in a short time and in full to return his money.

In the framework of tracing we will:

• Collect information from public sources;
• Search for hidden data, determine location and movings;
• Perform audit of debtor’s connections and close contacts.

The adequate strategy allows us to find the debtor quickly, determine the most effective methods of influence in order to achieve a positive resolution to the issue.